Market and Competition Division

The Market and Competition Division is responsible for developing an efficient licensing criteria and regulation, issuing licences and ensuring compliance in relation to the provision of ICT and Media Services including broadcasting, telecommunications and filming.  This Division is the one stop window to all public service delivery in issuing ICT and Media Licences.

The Division is also be responsible for ensuring the licensed service providers from unfair business practices and consumers and general public with equal access to safe and quality services at affordable rates.

As per the Bhutan information, Communications and Media Act 2018, the Authority issues the following licences.  The application  forms can be downloaded from the website. For detail licensing process, kindly click on the type of licence to be applied.

The application for the licence can also be submitted online using this link

  1. Reality show
  2. Publication
  3. Printing
  4. Filming
  5. Accreditation of the Journalist
  6. Cable Television Service
  7. Radio Station
  8. Radio Communication/Spectrum
  9. ICT Service and ICT Facility

For further information, you can contact the Licensing and Compliance Division at