Social Affairs Division

The Social Affairs Division is mandated to review print, broadcast and any other forms of content. The division shall also provide professional services and strive for high quality, relevance and timeliness in review of media related contents in order to protect general public and vulnerable sections of the society from harmful and undesirable content with greater efficiency and effectiveness.


The specific roles and responsibilities of the Division are:

  1. To develop Rules, Guidelines and Codes related to Content Management and Regulation.
  1. To review policy and regulatory tools relating to Content Management and Regulation and recommend possible regulatory interventions.
  1. To conduct field visits/surveys and studies related to Content Management and Regulation and recommend possible policy and regulatory interventions.
  1. To coordinate and facilitate review of national films as per established procedures.
  1. To coordinate and review international films.
  1. To review broadcast content of FM, Campus and Community Radios and Cable TV.
  1. To review contents of newspapers, periodicals and publications including international publications.