In order to monitor whether fixed internet and mobile voice and data services tariffs are implemented as per the approved tariffs by the ICT service providers (Telecos and Internet Service Providers), the Authority developed various monitoring strategies to be implemented soon.

The issue of inaccurate fixed internet charges and mobile/cellular data charges is one of the most raised issues at this point of time where such issues are not only often raised in social media platforms by the public but also are received formally by the Authority.

Considering the importance of achieving the objectives of ICT services affordability and providing the consumer the rights to use ICT services as per the approved rates and tariffs, the Authority has carried out an in-house study on how to enhance the monitoring strategy of assessing the implementation of approved tariffs by the service provider.

Therefore, the Authority would like to seek views and feedback from the service providers and general public on the Consultation paper titled “Fixed internet and Mobile Voice and Data Services Tariff Implementation Monitoring Strategies” which is given in the link below.

The comments and feedback on this consultation paper can be submitted to the Authority on or before 5.00PM, 5th October 2020 at email

Please click the link here for details Consultation Paper on Tariff Implementation Monitoring

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