The rapid development of wireless services and networks require the construction of network infrastructures such as telecommunication Base Transceiver Station (BTS) stations, broadcasting towers, repeaters and monopole stations to cater the growth in demand of telecommunication and broadcasting services. However, such infrastructure establishments require to comply with certain technical standards and location compliance in order to:

● Protect the general public from exposure to Radio Frequency (RF) electromagnetic fields (EMF)

● Ensure structural safety and minimize aesthetic and environmental impacts

● Ensure that relevant agencies are informed and consulted before such infrastructures are deployed

In this regard, the Authority has developed the consultation paper on developing the “Standards for Establishing Telecommunication and Broadcasting Towers” and would like to seek any feedback/comments on the paper. The link to download the consultation paper is given below.

The comments and feedback on this consultation paper can be submitted to the Authority on or before 25th December 2020 at or


Please click the link here for details: Consultation Paper on Standards for the Establishment of TBT

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