Due to the potential of a high proliferation of Internet of Things (IoT) connectivity services and other non-interpersonal communications services, and the benefits that can be derived from its applications, there is a need to encourage and enhance the IoT services deployment in the country.

The Mobile Network (SIM) based IoT technology is one of the types of IoT services that connects physical objects to the Internet utilizing the same cellular network currently used by smartphones. The devices require the SIM cards/eSIM in order to enable the devices to identify them when they connect to 2G, 3G, LTE, or 5G wireless cellular networks.

In order to enable SIM based IoT deployment in Bhutan, the Bhutan Information Communication and Media Authority (Authority) has identified the need to develop a numbering format for the SIM based IoT services deployment in the country. Therefore, the Authority is pleased to share the “Mobile Network (SIM) Based IoT numbering plan of Bhutan” which will help in drawing out the clear distinction between the SIMs used for conventional mobile subscribers and the SIM based IoT application.

The Mobile Network (SIM) Based IoT numbering plan of Bhutan can be downloaded from the link below:

Mobile Network(SIM) based IoT Numbering Plan of Bhutan

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