22nd May, 2023.
With the objective of advocating relevant stakeholders on the digitization of cable television services, a team from Bhutan InfoComm and Media Authority(BICMA) has started with the Awareness program on Digitization of Cable Television Services (CATV), Installation of Ku Band dishes and its Rules and Regulations from Dagana Dzongkhag yesterday.
Some of the major topics discussed during the program are:
Importance of cable TV network digitization
Rules and Regulations on cable television services (CATV)
Sensitization on book registration and certification, filming permits, Accreditation of both national and foreign Journalists
Regulation of harmful and inappropriate content on both online and offline media
Online Licensing System
Ku Band Dish, EMF,QoS, SIM
The Authority would like to thank the Dzongrab Ngotsab of Dagana Dzongkhag for gracing the event despite the busy schedules. We are also grateful to all the sector heads, Geog Administrative Officer and members of Tseza Gewog and the local cable operators (LCOs) for their presence.




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