Social Affairs Division

The Social Affairs Division will be responsible for carrying out the following social regulation associated with the ICT and Media Sector.


Consumer  protection of ICT and Media

  • Protect consumers of ICT and Media services, among others, the rate charged for, and the quality and variety of ICT service provided.
  • Provide an efficient, effective and affordable mechanism for the investigation and resolution of complaints.
  • Conduct advocacy on ICT and Media service as well as consumer code.


Content Management

  • Periodically review the content of the Licensees (FM Radio/TV Station/CATV Station/Print media).
  • Set standards and guidelines related to media for issuance to the Media Council.
  • Determine and develop public service obligation of the broadcaster and carry out periodic review.
  • Develop and review the programme code including advertisement standards periodically.
  • Periodically carry out review/research on the international/regional best practices related to content management


Universal Service Programme

  • Plan and manage universal service plan and universal service fund
  • Ensure universal access to all ICT services at affordable rate
  • Design the universal service programme as per the directive of the Royal Government based on the regional and international best practices.
  • Conduct periodical review/research on achieving universal and affordable ICT services and accordingly formulate action plans for achieving universal service programme.
  • Develop and maintain the database on the rural communication programmes implemented under the US Programme.
  • Collect and process information on the list of villages with no coverage as well as partial coverage of mobile services.
  • Periodically monitor the environmental impact of ICT services, without imposing environmental (green and health) measures on the industry.