(as of December 31, 2022)

Broadcasting Service

Sl # Particulars Coverage Launched
1 Television (BBS 1, BBS 2 & BBS 3) Nationwide 1999, 2012 & 2021
2 Commercial FM Radio
(a) Bhutan Broadcasting Services (BBS) Nation Wide November, 1973
(b) Kuzoo FM Nation Wide 1st September, 2006
(c) Radio Valley Thimphu 12th April, 2007
(d) Centennial Radio Thimphu 21st September, 2008
(e) Yiga Radio Thimphu 17th December, 2013
3 Community/Campus Radio
(a) Sherubtse Community Radio Sherubtse Campus 8th May, 2009
(b) CST FM (Campus radio) CST Campus 12th July 2016
(c) Edi Community Radio (Tarayana Foundation) Dechen Pelri, Gelephu 23rd June 2016
(d) Lhop Community Radio (Tarayana Foundation) Lhotukuchu Village, Dorokha, Samtse 23rd June 2016
(e) Khotakpa Community Radio (READ Bhutan) Khotakpa, Denchi, Pemagatshel 19th July 2016
(f) College of Language and Culture Studies CLCS Campus 12th March 2018
(g) Campus Sherig FM, Samtse College of Education SCE and nearby places 18th June 2020
(h) JNEC Campus Radio Station JNEC Campus 12th March 2021

Newspaper Publication House

Sl # Name of the Newspaper Language Launched
1 Kuensel Dzongkha and English 1967
2 Bhutan Times English 1st April, 2006
3 Bhutan Today English 30th October, 2008
4 Business Bhutan English 26th September, 2009
5 The Journalist English 20th December, 2009
6 Gyalchi Sharshog Dzongkha 12th November, 2011
7 The Bhutanese English 21st February, 2012

Book Publication House

Sl # Name of the Publication House Location
1 Bhutan Media Services Thimphu
2 Bhutan Observer Thimphu
3 DSB Publication Thimphu
4 Joenzang Publishing House Thimphu
5 Jomo Publications Thimphu
6 K.C Publication Thimphu
7 KMT Publisher Thimphu
8 Koms Publication Thimphu
9 Kuensel Corporation Limited Thimphu
10 Loden Foundation Publication Thimphu
11 Lorig Publication House Paro
12 Loter Publication Thimphu
13 Megah Publication Thimphu
14 MIZA Books Thimphu
15 P.T Publishing House Thimphu
16 Riyang Books Thimphu
17 Student Plus Bhutan Thimphu
18 Thinley Pelbar Publisher Phuentsholing
19 Yang Bum Publisher Thimphu
20 Zoom Out Publishing House Thimphu

Magazine Publication House

1 Bhutan Observer Focus Babesa, Thimphu 2016
2 Yeewong Magazine Babesa, Thimphu 2011
3  Bhutan Box Office Babesa Thimphu 2022