New Licence for Cable TV

  1. Completed Application form for the new commercial Cable Television Licence
  2. Recommendation/Approval from Gup or Thromde Representatives,
  3. Recommendation/Approval of Dungkhag/Dzongkhag as appropriate.
  4. CID Copy
  5. Valid Security Clearance Certificate
  6. One Passport Size Photograph
  7. Business Project Proposal for Cable Television
  8. Recommendation from Association of Bhutanese Cable Operators (ABCO) or any other legitimate Cable Service Provider

Licence Renewal for Cable TV

  1. Completed Application form for Renewal of the Cable Television Licence
  2. Tax Clearance Certificate issued by the Regional Revenue and Customs Office
  3. List of Channels in your Network

Change of Ownership of Licence for Cable TV

  1. Completed Application form for Change of Ownership
  2. Sale deed/Inheritance document
  3. CID Copy of the New Owner
  4. Valid Security Clearance Certificate of the the New Owner
  5. One Passport Size Photograph of the New Owner

Fee Structure:

Initial Licence Fee Renewal Fee Ownership Transfer Fee
Nu. 25,000/-

Nu. 5000 + (0.01 X 231 X 12 X No. of Subscribers)


Nu.  5000: Annual minimum Fixed Licence Fee Payable

231: Amount collected from the subscribers in a month minus the entertainment tax payable to DRC (Nu. 300-Nu. 69=Nu. 231)

12 : Number of months in a Year

No. of Subscribers: Total number of Cable TV Subscribers

Nu. 5,000/-