Spectrum Licence 

  • Filled application Form
  • Detailed Project Proposal

Frequency Apparatus Licence

  • Completed Application Form
  • Invoice for purchase of equipment if purchase directly from the venders outside the country
  • Supply order or dealership letters if purchased from the Bhutanese dealers
  • CID copy if for individual usage
  • Company Licence if for company usage

Amateur Radio Licence for Foreign National

  • Filled Application Form
  • Valid Amateur Radio Licence from home country
  • Passport Copy
  • Visa/Itinerary copy issued by the Bhutan Immigration Office
  • Equipment specification details
  • Forwarding letter from the Bhutan Agency (Tour Operators or Organizations)


Type of Licence Application Fee (Nu.) Licence Fee (Nu.) Renewal Fee Remarks
Spectrum Fee for FM Radio Nu. 1350.00 Nu.21,389.00 Nu. 21389.00 For FM broadcasting
Frequency Apparatus Fee Nu. 450.00 Nu. 3,750.00 per frequency Nu. 3750.00 per frequency Walkie Talkie
Amateur Radio Fee Nu. 450.00 Nu. 4,500.00 Nu. 4500.00 per Call Sign 2,250.00 Nu. 2250.00 additional fee in case of the usage of power above 400 watts.
Spectrum Fees for Band of Frequency The fees will have to be calculated depending on the band of frequency applied