Documents Required

  • Filled application form.
  • Detailed Project Proposal.

Fee Required

For the spectrum license, the following fees shall be paid:

  • Application Fee
  • Spectrum Access Fee
  • Spectrum Utilisation Fee

Information on types of Apparatus license, its categories, and its corresponding Application and Spectrum Utilization Fee is shown in the table below:

Types of Apparatus Licence Category Application Fee (Nu.) License Fee

Aeronautical Radio Navigation (Aircraft/Ground Station).

Aeronautical Mobile (Aircraft/Ground Station)

600 Since it will depend on the frequency band applied, the calculation of spectrum utilization fee shall be as per the National Radio Rules and Regulation 2021.

Fixed earth station in any space service.

Mobile earth station in any space service.


Long-range point-to-point (below 30 MHz).



Wireless local loop

Outside Broadcasting (TV).

Outside Broadcasting (Sound).

Land Mobile

Long-range land mobile (below 30 MHz).

Land mobile (above 30 MHz) Public land mobile radio paging.

600 (1-30 User Equipment)

1200 (31-70 User Equipment)

1200+600 (for each additional of 50 User Equipment)

Radio Determination Radar 1800
Others Other necessary services 1800

Spectrum Access Fee

  • Nu. 10000.00

Spectrum Utilization Fee (SUF)

Shall be based on per MHz basis as per the formula shown below:

Cost = α × F × ρ × α × l × Mpub x B

Except Cost (BTN), α (BTN/MHz), and B (MHz) all parameters serve as modifiers and are usually 1 or less,

Cost (BTN): Spectrum Cost

α (Nu/MHz): Basic price unit equals Nu. 60,000.00

F: Depends solely on center frequency

B (MHz): Total assigned bandwidth in MHz,

ρ: Regional factor; equals to 1 for national license and 0.5(1/20) for district.

σ: Operator sharing factor; equals one for exclusive RF; as PtP links of two or more Operators may share the same RF. σ might be less than 1; 1/2 for two users sharing the same. RF, 1/3 for three…..σ is equal or smaller than 1. It will be collected from all those who shared.

l : Site location: Urban or Rural areas. l equals 1 for Urban and 0,25 for rural. If both urban and rural includes, the the value of l shall be 1.

Mpub: is the publicity factor of respective radiocommunication services.

For Apparatus licenses except for Public Land Mobile Radio, the Spectrum Utilization Fee mentioned above will be further multiplied by the number of stations Ns as shown below:

 Cost = α x F x ρ x σ x l x Mpub x B x Ns

Information on FM/AM Sound broadcasting and VHF/UHF TV broadcasting Application and Spectrum utilization fees is shown in the table below:

Nature of Broadcasting Category of Broadcasting Application Fee (Nu.) Annual License Fee per Frequency (Nu.)
Terrestrial sound broadcasting Analog Sound Broadcasting 3000 12240
Digital Sound Broadcasting 3000 12240
Terrestrial TV broadcasting Analog TV Broadcasting 3000 Since it depends on the frequency band of allocation, the calculation shall be as per national radio rules.
Digital TV Broadcasting 3000