The Authority is pleased to share the Band Plan for the 26GHz Frequency Band.

The Authority has mainly decided to develop the 26GHz frequency band plan framework with the following reasons:

  1. Due to the increasing demand and traffic for mobile broadband services, issues of degrading Quality of Service (QoS) delivered to the subscribers are increasing. The network densification is one of the solution but the site acquisition challenges has posed significant difficulties towards enhancing Quality of Mobile Services,
  2. The other option is to explore deploying additional spectrum for the Mobile broadband services and 26GHz is one of the band available to deploy 5G services,
  3. The band plan for 26GHz has to be developed to prevent interference among the same services and different radio services while implementing, and it also keeps provisions for future private 5G operators

Click below for the Band Plan.

26 GHz Band Plan

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