The Spectrum and Technology Division will be responsible for carrying out the functions associate with chapter 8 (the spectrum and radio-communication) of BICMA Act 2018 . This Division will be responsible for the technical regulations including enforcement as described below:


Planning and allocation of Spectrum

  • Spectrum planning centered on short-term and medium term requirements including development of policies and practices for data collection such as consultation involving interaction with stakeholders: government users, industry players.
  • Develop Regulations and procedures related to:
  • Spectrum allocations, assignment including administrative and market based methods such as auctions, authorization and licensing including more novel approaches such spectrum trading, unlicensed and exempt spectrum authorizations.
  • For spectrum revenues, fees, and analysis and methods for establishing relevant spectrum pricing.
  • On spectrum valuations and development of economic models for use in applying Administered Incentive Prices.
  • On spectrum reframing and other methods to realign spectrum users and uses.
  • Analyzing and developing frequency band usage forecasts and plans, sub-allocation and channelling plans optimizing spectrum availability and re-use of frequencies for priority services like mobile radio, broad band wireless services, cellular services and radio and television broadcast
  • Carry out the Spectrum Auditing
  • Conduct periodic review (research) of activities carried out by regional and international organizations such as Asia Pacific Telecommunity (APT) and International Telecommunications Union (ITU) in harmonizing the development and efficient operation of the existing and new radio-communications systems.
  • Develop efficient and effective spectrum management plan in accordance with the regional and international best practices.


Monitoring  for Compliance

  • Identification and resolution of frequency interference
  • Carry out technical analyses of radio frequency usage to determine spectrum occupancy and utilization in support of planning, assignment and authorization activities.
  • Monitor the radio emissions and potential interference issues in support of administrative assignments.
  • Periodic conduct the monitoring of the spectrum usage in different parts of the country.
  • Investigate and resolve issues and complaints associated with frequency interference.
  • Develop effective and efficient monitoring plan.

As per the Bhutan Information, Communications and Media (BICM) Act 2018, the Division issues the Radiocommunication/Spectrum Licence.  The application forms can be downloaded from the website.


For further information, you can contact the Spectrum and Technology Division at