Druk Speed Test Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy is in the context of and to govern the access and usage of the “Druk Speed Test” mobile application published by the Bhutan InfoComm and Media Authority (BICMA). This Privacy Policy describes and determines how BICMA handles and/ or deals with the information collected through Mobile Apps.


 General Information

The Bhutan InfoComm and Media Authority (BICMA), developed the “Druk Speed Test App” and it is a free app to empower the mobile voice and data service users in Bhutan to measure, report and crowdsource the mobile voice and data quality of services (QoS) of local operators’ network to the BICMA. This app allows users to measure and crowdsource their mobile quality of service measurement results along with the device location to BICMA. It is aimed at protecting the interests of mobile voice and data consumers in Bhutan through obtaining feedback and measurement results directly from the consumers and enhancing the mobile quality of services in Bhutan.

This page is used to inform visitors/users regarding our policies with the collection, use, and disclosure of any Information if anyone decides to use our Service.



The Bhutan InfoComm Media Authority (BICMA) is a government regulatory body responsible for the regulation of information, communications and media sectors in Bhutan. Its core mandates are to support the continuous technological advancement to improve the standards of information, communication and media, enabling a secure, efficient and reliable delivery of ICT and media services in Bhutan. Besides, it is also responsible to ensure competitions while protecting consumers and other users of ICT and media services.


What information do we collect in this app?

To use the Druk Speed Test app and related services, the user is not required to register. The app can be downloaded and installed for free and is ready to use. In fact, no personal data is collected except the IMEI number of the device and the location coordinates.

While using the app for measurement of mobile quality of services, the following measurement information will be collected:

  1. IMEI number of the testing mobile devices,
  2. Time and date of testing,
  3. Which operator’s mobile network and which services have been tested? B-Mobile/Tashi Cell? and 3G/4G/5G?
  4. Geo-coordinates of the location of testing device,
  5. Upload and Download throughput of the network
  6. Latency
  7. Packet drop


What permissions do we ask and why?

The permissions asked by the Druk Speed Test app and the reasons for the permissions are given below:

Location: To correlate your network quality of services at a given location.


How does the app work?

To use the Druk Speed Test app and related services, the user will have to download and install the app from Google Play Store for Android phones and Apple’s App Store for iOS phones. And then have to open the app to run the test. After completing the test, the app will display the measurement results. The measurement results will also be automatically sent to the log-server which will be analyzed by the officials.


How do we use the information results?

The network quality of service test results and location coordinates measured through the app will be sent to the log-server and will be used to analyze the network performance in the respective locations. The crowdsourced network quality of service measurement results collected, processed and stored will help BICMA in determining the performance of the mobile operators in Bhutan and enhancing the quality of services in the country. Information on the IMEI and location details will neither be made public nor will be shared to the third party. It will solely be used for BICMA’s analysis and decision making only.



Any personal details collected (IMEI number and location of the device) of the users will not be made public and we assure that the information will be used solely for the purpose mentioned in this privacy policy.


Responsibility and ownership of the information content

If the terms of this Privacy Policy are not acceptable to the user, they may not use this mobile app:

  • BICMA does not have any commercial interest in functioning of these applications. Applications are published with the sole objective to encourage mobile consumers to provide network quality feedback to BICMA which will facilitate in enhancing mobile quality of services in Bhutan.
  • BICMA does not share/ disclose any personal information with any individual or organization (public or private). 
  • All the permissions required for the applications are essential for the working of the application.
  • In case of any grievances, the user may send his/her complaints for redressal to: bicma@bicma.bt