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Thursday, 12 November 2015 11:44


In accordance with the Bhutan Information, Communications and Media Act 2006 and the National Radio Rules 2011, the “Frequency Band plan in the 700MHz Band for use by International Mobile Telecommunication (IMT) Services” is hereby adopted as of 5th November, 2015.

This Band Plan shall be an addendum to the schedule 2, Part IV of the National Radio Rules 2011.Please click here to download the document.

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Monday, 19 October 2015 09:56


The Authority notifies that as per Section 4.3 of the Rules for Operation of Commercial Cable Television on “Local Origination Channel”, the licensee is only authorized to telecast or rebroadcast local programs in their local channel(s) if approved by the Authority.

The Authority therefore directs all the cable operators to refrain from showing any advertisement on their local channel and also to get approval from the Authority on any other local contents to be shown.

In the event, if the licensee does not comply with this notification, penalties shall be imposed as per the licensing terms and conditions, Rules for The Operation of Commercial Cable Television and the Bhutan Information, Communications and Media Act 2006. 



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