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Wednesday, 07 October 2015 09:48


Supply of IRD boxes by ABCO

 Bhutan InfoComm and Media Authority (the Authority) notifies all the Commercial CATV licencees to furnish the agreement made with the Association of Bhutan Cable Operators (ABCO) or any other sources to procure the channels. In addition you are required to share the following information with the Authority:

  1. Number of IRD boxes
  2. Name of the TV channel packages procured
  3. Charges for each boxes
  4. Monthly amount paid to the channel providers 

This Notification is issued as per the Bhutan Information, Communications and Media Act 2006 (Act) and the CATV Rules. Failure to abide by this notification shall be dealt as per the provision of the Act.

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Wednesday, 09 September 2015 12:56


In continuation to the Notification No.BICMA/Media-ENT/2015/1542 dated April 29, 2015, it is to notify all Places of Entertainment to renew their licences on or before the license expiry date. In consideration to any predicament that a licensee may confront with, the Authority will consider a grace period of 30 days after which a fine of Ngultrum fifty per day (Nu. 50/ day) will be imposed for the next ninety (90) days, after which the license will be cancelled.

This Notification is issued for strict compliance by all in adherence to the provisions of the Rules Governing Places and Programmes of Entertainment 2014. 



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