The Bhutan InfoComm and Media Authority shares the Study Paper on the Feasibility of 2.3GHz Band 40 Implementation for 4G LTE services in Bhutan. The implementation of 2.3GHz band 40 for 4G LTE services is aimed at enhancing the capacity of cellular mobile broadband and thus the mobile broadband quality of services by releasing more spectrum to the telecom operators.Network densification through deploying more mobile networks is one of the solutions to enhancing the mobile broadband QoS. However, owing to the limited land space especially in urban areas have significantly posed challenges to the telecom operators in expanding their mobile broadband networks. The other solution to solving such issues is through enhancing the network capacity by issuing more frequency spectrum to the telecom operators.


This study paper studies the feasibility of deploying the spectrum band 40 for 4G LTE services as an additional capacity enhancement in 4G services. Therefore, the Authority would like to request for feedback and comments on the consultation study paper. The feedback can be sent to


Click here for the Consultation Study Paper

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