The Bhutan InfoComm and Media Authority (BICMA) is pleased to inform that the BICMA has developed and launched the Druk Speed Test Mobile App on 28th September 2023. This is a free app which will be used to crowdsource the Mobile Broadband Quality of Services (QoS) measurement and it can be used by the general public. It is available for both Android and IOS Phone users and is downloadable from Play Store and App Store.

This App has been developed in order to protect the interests of mobile voice and data consumers in the country by empowering the Bhutanese to measure and report the observed mobile broadband QoS to the BICMA automatically through the app. This app will enable the public to crowdsource the mobile voice and data QoS of local telecom operators’ network to the BICMA and assist the BICMA to evidently monitor the QoS provided by the telecom operators, thus providing data for enhancing the mobile broadband QoS in Bhutan.

Since the test measurements data will be accessible to BICMA for analysis, it will enable BICMA to understand the network performance of both Telcos but also streamline its physical QoS monitoring activity to the most affected areas effectively and thus enforce QoS standards.

This app is different from the other freely available internet speed testing apps in a manner that the data of the test measurements carried out through the app will be accessible to the BICMA to study for analysis and intervention.

The test data carried out through other global Speed Tests are proprietary and their data is not accessible to the Regulator BICMA.

Through the Druk Speed Test App, measurement information such as IMEI number, date and time of testing, geo-coordinates of location of testing device, upload and download throughput, latency, the service provider information and the type of technology (3G/4G/5G/WiFi) information will be automatically recorded. The subscribers need not send the data to BICMA.

The App will ensure that critical data is crowdsourced to enhance the mobile network connectivity in the country. 

For more information, you can reach us at 02-321506/3121507.

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